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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Louisiana - LA

The family nurse practitioner profession, a category of the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) family, builds on the registered nurse (RN) scope of practice and is known for its high quality care comparable to that provided by physicians. An APRN in Louisiana is a licensed RN with a graduate degree, a valid RN license and national certification from an approved certifying organization. Nationwide as well as in Louisiana, the number of RNs with graduate degrees is increasing at a rapid pace. These degrees offer courses that are considered essential for advanced practice and prepare APRN students for the certification examination.

The reputable career of an NP offers several incentives for today’s allied health care professional. There is a greater degree of autonomy than non-advanced nurses, better compensation, a variety of settings and facilities to choose for practice and an opportunity to specialize in the role and population focus of your choice.

ADVANCE for NPs states on their website that the average full time family nurse practitioner salary in Louisiana is $94,000. While salaries vary considerably based on a number of factors, this is solid compensation especially taking Louisiana’s low cost of living into account as it compares to the national average.

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