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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Maine - ME

Family nurse practitioners are held to strict regulations by the Maine Board of Nursing as to the amount of education and experience necessary in order to practice independently. It stands to reason, then, that the average family nurse practitioner salary in Maine would be higher than that of a registered nurse. However, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners make the same salary as registered nurses, which they quote as $65,240. Experts in the field know that family nurse practitioners actually make much more than this as an average annual income.

Per, the average annual pay for a family nurse practitioner working in Maine is $75,000. This figure sounds much more reasonable than that quoted above by the BLS. Because nurse practitioners are regarded as primary care providers, job opportunities for them abound across the state. For example, currently lists a family nurse practitioner position available in Blue Hill at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital. There are also family nurse practitioner positions currently open at Rangeley Family Medicine in Rangeley, Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport, an outpatient wound care clinic in Augusta, and at a walk-in clinic in rural Maine.

Please keep in mind that these job postings are provided for informational purposes only, as examples of career possibilities for family nurse practitioners, and do not constitute a promise or offer of employment.