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Family Nurse Practitioner Salary in Massachusetts - MA

Family nurse practitioners must receive education beyond that of a traditional registered nurse (RN). Their pay rate reflects these added years of training. One would expect the income of a family nurse practitioner (FNP) to be higher than that of an RN. However, if one looks at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States Department of Labor’s figures on these salaries, nurse practitioners are listed together with RNs, which can be misleading. According to the BLS, the average family nurse practitioner salary in Massachusetts is $81,780, as this is the average stated salary for all RNs regardless of education or experience.

When one examines the average salary figures provided at, it becomes clearer that family nurse practitioners do, indeed, earn more than RNs in the state of Massachusetts. lists the average family nurse practitioner salary in Massachusetts at $97,000 annually. Salaries for family nurse practitioners can, and do, vary across the state depending upon the metropolitan or non-metropolitan area in which one practices. For example, here are the average FNP salaries found in some areas of Massachusetts, per

  • Worcester:  $76,000
  • Attleboro:  $74,000
  • Boston:  $96,000
  • Amherst:  $71,000
  • Lowell:  $94,000
  • Chelmsford:  $94,000
  • Cambridge:  $95,000
  • Halifax:  $78,000
  • Springfield:  $82,000

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