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Family Nurse Practitioner Salary in Minnesota - MN

Family nurse practitioners in Minnesota carry a number of the same responsibilities and duties as a family physician, yet their salaries don’t quite match those of physicians in the state. Nevertheless, the average family nurse practitioner salary in Minnesota is impressive, at $81,000 as stated by To compare, registered nurses in Minnesota earn approximately $72,760 in annual income, while physicians licensed in Minnesota make an average annual pay of $218,180 (both figures according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics). Although FNPs in Minnesota may not come close to the average physician’s salary, they do make more than a registered nurse, which may be explained by the extra years of graduate school and clinical training necessary to work as an FNP in Minnesota.

Annual compensation will change based upon where in Minnesota one works as an FNP. Family nurse practitioners who practice in Rochester make $80,000 per year. FNPs working in St. Paul can expect a median yearly income of $76,000. Minneapolis family nurse practitioners also make about $76,000 annually. Family nurse practitioners who are employed in Duluth can expect annual compensation of about $66,000.

These figures do not take into account years of experience or higher education levels, however. notes that lead family nurse practitioners employed in Duluth can make annual salaries up to $194,000.

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