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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in North Carolina - NC

Family nurse practitioners are one of the largest categories of specialization under the nurse practitioner umbrella. Many nurse practitioners turn to this specialization because they can serve the most patients and thereby provide the most needed medical services to the greatest number of people. They are well compensated for their extra education and experience. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s, the median family nurse practitioner salary in North Carolina is $62,700, with possibilities for yearly pay to increase to $102,300 depending on a variety of factors. Some of these include education, experience, and the area of the state in which one works.

Different areas of North Carolina offer varying incomes to family nurse practitioners. The following chart from displays the differences in median yearly income for health diagnosing and treating practitioners (including family nurse practitioners) working in various areas of the state:

  • Asheville:  $71,500
  • Durham-Chapel Hill:  $61,100
  • Greensboro-High Point:  $59,200
  • Raleigh-Cary:  $71,000

For comparative purposes, let’s look at statistics for family nurse practitioner salaries in cities throughout North Carolina that are provided by

  • Asheville:  $66,000
  • Durham:  $79,000
  • Chapel Hill:  $80,000
  • Greensboro:  $73,000
  • High Point:  $71,000
  • Raleigh:  $79,000
  • Cary:  $79,000

This data shows the range of salary possibilities within the category of family nurse practitioner based on where in North Carolina one is employed.