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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in South Carolina - SC

The emotional reward of becoming a family nurse practitioner is matched by an equally rewarding salary. Several sources estimate that the profession is one of the best paid in the nursing industry. reports that FNPs make $20,000 more than RNs, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated at $65,220 per year.  The 2008 National Sample Survey for Registered Nurses reported the yearly income for family nurse practitioners to be $85,000. The yearly salary for FNPs in the state of South Carolina is estimated to range between $60,000 and $80,000 per year, according to

The increase in average salary for nurses and family nurse practitioners reflects a growing trend in the medical field for specialized nurses.  Completion of educational and licensing requirements in South California can lead to employment in hospitals such Roper Hospital, Palmetto Health, Providence Hospital, and Medical University of South Carolina. Additionally, because of its large underserved population, South Carolina presents one of the best open markets for the enterprising family nurse practitioner, matching the financial and emotional rewards of entering this career.

As you are considering a career in the medical field, evaluate the many options available to family nurse practitioners in South Carolina, and the many benefits and rewards that come with this profession.