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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Tennessee - TN

A family nurse practitioner salary in Tennessee is contingent on where in the state one chooses to work.  Wages can vary significantly as per metropolitan area in the state.  According to the’s data, which reflect an aggregate of wages for jobs currently held and those advertised, pay for this occupation in Tennessee averages $89,000 a year.  Salaries in cities like Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville and Murfreesboro—the six largest by population, respectively—may also reflect the number of patients these professionals generally serve.  Not unexpectedly, there are more than likely more people who need care in these cities than in smaller and/or rural cities and towns, and this may be a key variable influencing family nurse practitioner salaries.

Currently, there are only about 160,000 nurse practitioners in the U.S.  Federal projections indicate a significant increase in the number of these professionals by year 2018, even as the number of overall healthcare professionals will increase.  Similar to the number of nurses, which is expected to grow by 20% by that time, the number of family nurse practitioners will most likely surge as the aging of America means more older adults who will require medical care and as the emphasis on preventive care motivates families to seek attention to avoid sickness and illness.