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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Texas - TX

Across the state, family nurse practitioner salaries vary in accordance with where professionals decide to work.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data that specifies wage by occupation for major metropolitan areas in U.S. states, as do career Web sites that track pay in real time. These kinds of data show that range of pay depends largely on where one is employed.

For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that wages for this profession average about $85,000 a year in Texas while reports salaries for Texans in this field to be:

  • Fort Worth: $79,000
  • Austin: $82,000
  • Arlington: $88,000
  • Dallas: $88,000
  • Plano: $88,000

Both sites report similar wage data; however, estimates are based on the aggregate of salaries for jobs both currently held and posted.

One can also expect salary to correspond to patient load, which again corresponds to location.  Typically, those who must treat more patients earn more than those who serve fewer people, and this is often true in city versus suburban and rural settings. 

At just under 160,000, there is not a large population of nurse practitioners in the nation.  That total can be further refined by specialty area, which means fewer practice exclusively as family nurse practitioners.  As national demand for increased access to healthcare spikes and requires a greater supply of medical professionals, the number of nurse practitioners will increase.  In fact, the Department of Labor anticipates it will jump by 20% over the next few years.  For this reason, entry into the profession will provide no lack of employment opportunities that, in addition to providing a means for livelihood, will help others to lead healthy and happy lives.