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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in West Virginia - WV

Family nurse practitioners in West Virginia are among the most highly paid in the country. Only five states report higher average salaries. Family nurse practitioner salaries in West Virginia can be significantly higher than that of registered nurses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t distinguish between RNs and FNPs in its salary information, but it shows the average RN in West Virginia earns around $53,000. A quick scan of job openings for family nurse practitioners in West Virginia at the time of this writing showed salaries at nearly twice that figure; an average of $98,000.

The way health care is delivered has changed in the last decade. Long hospital stays are becoming less common, and many patients are now treated in clinics rather than doctors’ offices. This has opened up new opportunities for nurses with advanced training. Without enough nurse practitioners to fill the need, family nurse practitioner salaries in West Virginia continue to rise.

If federal health care legislation is implemented, the 15% of West Virginians who lack health insurance will have better access to medical treatment. Family nurse practitioners will be uniquely suited to provide this care. Additionally, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 10% of West Virginians live in areas that are underserved by health facilities.  In 2009, the state board of nursing reported that there were only 736 nurse practitioners in West Virginia.