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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Florida - FL

Job prospects in Florida for cardiac sonographers are exceptionally good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates job openings for this profession will increase 24% by 2018, and given Florida’s larger population of older people, we can expect this state to have an even greater need for these professionals.

Because of this high demand, and the important nature of the work they do, cardiac sonographers are paid very well. According to, an average cardiac sonographer salary in Florida is about $68,000, which can change depending on your location in the state:

  • Miami - $66,000
  • Tampa - $63,000
  • Jacksonville / St. Petersburg - $62,000
  • Orlando - $61,000

Obviously, location plays a role in determining salary, but other factors should be considered, including educational level and what type of facility you’re employed in.

According to the BLS the highest earners are those with bachelor’s degrees, employed at highly-profitable cardiologist’s offices, and in management positions at the largest hospitals  These hospitals include places like the Mount Sinai Medical Center or the Jackson Memorial Hospital. In the middle are those who work at entry and mid-level positions in care centers, or who are doing contract work in areas with great need.   With the convergence of great job prospects, respectable salaries, and a rewarding and stimulating work environment, there isn’t quite another allied health career in Florida like cardiac sonography, and there has never been a better time to get involved.

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