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Cardiovascular Technologist Salary in Florida - FL

Average Cardio Technologist Salaries in Florida

The average cardiovascular tech salary in Florida is around $53,000. Because cardiovascular technicians work in acute/critical areas of healthcare, they are typically paid more than most other healthcare technician professions. One of the main factors that determine salary for cardiovascular technologists in Florida is whether they work with invasive or noninvasive cardiac procedures. Cardiovascular techs that assist with cardiac catheterizations (invasive) will naturally earn more than noninvasive technicians.

In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that nearly 77% of cardiovascular technician jobs were held in hospitals and surgical facilities. Interestingly, hospitals and general surgical clinics were ranked as the lowest paying medical facilities for cardiovascular techs in Florida by roughly $2,000 per year. However, as medical researchers develop technology to make cardiovascular diagnostics less invasive, it is likely that cardiovascular techs will find physicians’ offices and local medical clinics in Florida with career opportunities for them.

Geographic location is also a substantial factor that impacts the earning potential for cardiovascular technicians in Florida. The larger metropolitan areas of Florida typically have larger patient bases and are equipped with more funding to pay their cardiovascular techs more annually. Some of the largest healthcare facilities in Florida include Mount Sinai Medical Center, Baptist Medical Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Florida Hospital Orlando, and Memorial Regional Hospital.

Salaries by city:

  • Miami: $52,000
  • Orlando: $48,000
  • Tampa: $49,000
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