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Dietician Course in Florida - FL

Registered dietitians (RDs) are allied health professionals who have specialized training in nutrition and food. In Florida, one must have a minimum of a bachelor degree in order to become an RD. The school you select should be accredited by the American Dietetic Association, and you should choose degree programs that include an introduction to food science, nutrition, human nutrition, food management or dietetics. Education in Florida for dietitians is not available online so attending one of the many brick and mortar schools in the state is the option best suited to career minded aspiring dieticians

Your dietitian training in Florida will consist of classroom courses and a mandatory supervised internship, required by the state, of at least 900 hours. The average bachelor degree program will take about four years to complete and will include courses with titles such as Management of Dietary Systems, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Dietetics in Community Health, Nutrition Education Laboratory and Applied Dietetic Management. For those interested in graduate school for dietitians, both master and doctoral degree programs are available. Dietitians holding graduate degrees often pursue career opportunities in teaching, research or management. Following graduation, you must take the RD exam given by the Dietetics and Nutrition Practice Council in Florida before being able to use the RD credentials behind your name.

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