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Gerontology Degrees in Florida - FL

Gerontologists are special individuals who have a desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of older adults. Those best suited to work in this field are compassionate and caring. In Florida there are certificates and degree programs for gerontology available and so choosing a program that fits your needs and desires should be fairly easy. The next steps outline how you can become educated and work in the broad field of gerontology within the state of Florida.

First you must have a high school education. This basic educational foundation is the cornerstone to all other educational pursuits you take.  In order to be a well qualified candidate for a gerontology program you must be a person with the highest moral standards. Those individuals that have a lot of patience and love for the aging population would be a good fit for this profession.

There are many different routes you can take in order to be qualified to work in gerontology. A certificate program will allow you to work in an assisted living environment, but you will likely want a higher level of education to compete with your peers in Florida. Given the fact that the state is quite densely populated by older adults, there will not be a shortage of open positions in the field anytime soon, but it is still important to gain a competitive advantage.

Bachelor's programs would be an ideal fit for nurses and those working on public policy for older adults. This more in-depth, and typically 4-year-long program can be useful for nurses and social workers alike.

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