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Florida LPN Salary

With the exception of one city, salaries are very competitive in Florida, and may only differ by $3,000 - $4,000.

As is true with most human healthcare professions, the outlook for the career of Practical Nursing is positive. According to www.flahec.org, in 2006 there were 50,501 Licensed Practical Nurses in Florida. It is expected that the number will rise to 61,436 by 2014. That is a projected increase of 2.4%. The website www.jobbankusa.com describes the market strength for practical nurses. The market strength is the number of workers in a profession related to the population of the area. For instance, 0.98 is the markets strength for Fort Walton Beach, FL. That means that it is right on target with an appropriate number of Licensed Practical Nurses for the number of people in that city.  The lowest market strength is found in Jacksonville at 0.82 and the highest can be found in Punta Gorda at 3.7. This is useful information when determining the geographic are that one may want to practice. It will be easier to find employment in the cities that have lower market strength due to a greater need for practical nurses.