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Medical Manager Training in Florida – FL

Medical office manager training in Florida is the same as most other states. Most positions require at least a bachelor’s degree but to be competitive in this field, earning a master’s degree is smart. Degrees are usually geared towards business, marketing, and health administration. To become a medical office manager in Florida it is more important to have a strong business background than a strong medical/health care background. Medical office managers are responsible for running the business side of an office whether it be a single physician’s office, a group of physician’s, or a hospital setting. Typically medical office managers are responsible for staffing, including hiring and firing; human resources functions such as keeping track of time cards, conducting annual reviews, and disciplinary actions when necessary; and office finances. Physicians generally don’t have the time to focus on the business side of their office as it takes them away from their patients, so they hire medical office managers to handle this side of things.

In Florida, and other states, there are a number of professional associations a medical office manager can earn a certificate through. Earning a professional certificate may help with marketability when applying for these jobs. The Certified Medical Manager is one option, and another is the Certified Medical Office Manager. The Certified Medical Manager credential requires 24 continuing education credits to be completed every two years.

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