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Florida Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Medical Technician Skills
For a Medical Technician to be successful in this industry, some of the additional skills desired would be spreadsheet software skills, as well as a solid understanding of accounting and word processing.  Accounting software is used by Medical technicians to perform lab billing details.  Medical software is used for recording patient records.  Having excellent communication skills are necessary when dealing with patients and other lab employees.  In addition, being able to multi-task and having an acute attention to detail are imperative in this profession.  In Florida, medical technician training programs prepare graduates for the workforce by honing the very skills employers are looking for. 

Medical Technician Tools
Medical Technicians use a wide variety of high-tech instruments and tools critical to their profession and must know how to efficiently operate these tools.  Some of the most common tools associated with medical technician jobs are; hematology analyzers; vacuum blood collection tubes; chemistry analyzers; coagulation analyzers and phlebotomy trays and accessories.

Major Employers of Medical Technicians in Florida
Most medical technicians work in hospitals, colleges, universities, physician offices, research institutions, or diagnostic and medical laboratories.

Continuing Education for Florida Medical Technicians

Continuing education in the profession of Medical Technicians is highly recommended to continue working in this profession and at the most professional level.  The American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification offers specific courses for earning credits to maintain your license.  Their course is Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMLE) and is specifically designed for laboratory technicians or pathology professions.  They offer the following courses in the assessment and self-study program and each one includes several topics and detailed study objectives:

Check Sample; Check Path Anatomic Pathology; Check Path Clinical Pathology; Check Path Hematopatholgy; GYN Assessment; GYN Review; GYN PT; Non-GYN Assessment; Non-GYN Review; Non-GYN Digital Image; FNB Site-Specific Assessment; FNB Review; Lab Comparison; LabQ and LabQ-P.

The ASCP states the above courses and education meet the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) for Florida state licensure requirements.

They also offer a variety of ways to access these courses for participation.  You may choose eLearning, Teleconferences or Meeting and Conferences. 

Re-Certification Requirements

Medical Technicians must renew their license every two years and requires that you complete continuing education courses available through American Society for Clinical Pathology.  However, this is strictly voluntary but is recommended if you continue to work in this profession.  The American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification can help you maintain your professional certification by offering a couple different programs of interest:

Certification Maintenance Program (CMP):  This program allows you to earn the credits needed with a specific education program while also allowing a variety of ways to access for your convenience. 

Verification of Certification
:  This particular program basically allows your certification to be public.  It shows the category you’re certified in, your certification number and the time frame of your license.  There is a small fee through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for this service but would prove very beneficial for your profession.

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