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Midwife Salary in Florida - FL

Florida Midwife Salaries

The estimated annual midwife salary in Florida is $96,000 per year. While this is only an average figure, several important factors are essential to predicting annual income. Geographical location, skill level, years of practice, and professional affiliation can all be defined as major indicators of the salary that you can expect to earn. As an entry-level midwife, the salary may be a bit lower due to lack of experience in the field; however, as you build up your patient base and gain experience, you can be assured that your income will increase significantly.

Larger metropolitan areas are naturally higher paying areas, not only because they attract a larger clientele, but also because there is much more funding allocated to them. Likewise, midwives that having been practicing for many years are likely to have developed a more lucrative patient base over time, equating to a higher annual salary. In addition, being a member of the Florida Council of Nurse Midwives can help you and/or your practice to be found more easily in the State of Florida.

To give you an idea of exactly how salaries differ throughout the State of Florida, here is some information on the annual salaries in some of the cities in Florida:

  • Jacksonville: $89,000
  • Miami: $94,000
  • Tampa: $88,000
  • St. Petersburg: $88,000
  • Orlando: $86,000
  • Ft. Lauderdale: $93,000
  • Gainesville: $77,000
  • Tallahassee: $87,000
  • Hialeah: $93,000
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