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Florida Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - FL

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Florida

Florida is widely known as the “Sunshine State�?. The name comes from its tropical sunny climate. Because the weather here is warm almost year-round, Florida is a popular vacation spot. It is also a common take-off point for island travels to places like the Bahamas.

Florida is surrounded by water--on the east side by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west side by the Gulf of Mexico. The state offers many metropolitan areas with museums, art exhibits, nightlife, and shopping. For the naturalist, Florida has unique nature preserves such as the Florida Everglades. This state is also a well-known retirement destination. Due to a high senior population, medical providers are in great demand.

The average wage for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Florida is around $63,000 a year. Your income will increase as you gain experience or training that is more specialized and receive additional education.


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