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Nursing Informatics Salary in Florida - FL

The warmth, beaches and relaxation of Florida, the true "Sunshine" state, may easily become a favorite place for nursing informatics. The adventurers in the profession can take the scenic A1 highway from the north all the way to the south ending in the Keys. With the Everglades to the Kennedy Space Station in Cape Canaveral, nursing informatics will find that Florida is overflowing with attractions and features to keep them active when they aren’t working. And, of course, the state is the home of Disney World, too.

Florida, however, has interests beyond the home of the country’s two most famous mice and much of that attention centers on nursing informatics. The state is aggressively addressing its nursing and nursing information shortage due largely to the size of the retirement population residing in Florida. Currently, 40% of nurses are over the age of 50 years old, so Florida has created many programs to help students obtain their nursing education and stay in Florida to help the crisis. And that crisis includes those in nursing informatics. Florida offers a wide variety of on-campus programs for prospective nursing and nursing informatics students and offers help in locating appropriate programs available through its universities and community colleges.

The average Florida nursing informatics salary, according to, is $89,000 annually.

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