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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Florida - FL

The average Florida personal trainer salary is $50,000 according to indeed.com. Salaries vary quite a bit statewide and, not surprisingly, some of the highest salaries are paid to personal trainers in beach towns--where people pay good money for great bodies!

According to indeed.com, the average Florida personal trainer salary by major city is as as follows:

Boca Raton - $48,000
Cape Canaveral - $49,000
Cocoa Beach - $49,000
Daytona - $46,000
Ft. Lauderdale - $49,000
Gainesville - $42,000
Jacksonville - $47,000
Key West - $48,000
Miami - $50,000
Naples - $47,000
Orlando - $45,000
Pensacola - $43,000
Saint Augustine - $46,000
Tallahassee - $47,000
Tampa - $46,000
West Palm - $46,000


Florida boasts a very large military population with 109,390 total service men and women at seven naval bases, six air force bases, and 11 Coast Guard installations. Soldiers and sailors can take advantage of a personal trainer to stay fit and can themselves become certified to be personal trainers themselves. Because most military personnel are already committed to health and fitness, one of the shorter certification courses may be sufficient to launch them on their careers.

Or, with the help of the GI bill to take care of the tuition, a veteran may decide that an extended program at one of Florida's colleges is a better investment.

The AFAA extends additional benefits to both active military and veterans. This association offers a 25% discount to all military and their family as well as veterans as long as they complete their workshop and certification efforts on base. Workshops are available throughout the year nationwide and can be scheduled by calling Lisa J. Hamlin, Director of International/Military Relations at (805) 988-5845.

Professional Associations

Unlike many medical specialties whose regional or state associations have a much bigger impact on day-to-day service than their national counterparts, very few states have individual associations for their personal trainers. Florida is no exception.

However, the AFAA that works to certify fitness and aerobics instructors and personal trainers also educates and advocates for these professionals nationwide. In essence, they offer many of the functions a traditional medical association would: career information and preparation, exam preparation, study materials, continuing education and worshops to recertify trainers when the time comes.

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