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Physical Therapist Assistant Schools in Florida – FL

Educational preparation for a career in the medical field can begin as early as high school.  Students who pursue courses in algebra and mathematics, anatomy, biology, chemistry, and psychology will be adequately prepared for a physical therapy assistant education program. For those who did not take such courses or who have been out of school for a considerable amount of time and are considering going back, a certificate program in physical therapy assisting may be worth considering.

Certificate program for PTAs usually last one year and prepare students for an accredited, intensive education training program as a physical therapist assistant.  PTA certificate programs include instruction in anatomy, biology, chemistry, English composition, general psychology, and introductory courses to medical vocabulary and terminology.  Earning a certificate in physical therapy assisting does not qualify you to obtain a license.  It is merely additional educational preparation. 

PTA education program at accredited institutions can usually be completed in two years.  The include classroom instruction in the following: algebra, anatomy, biology, chemistry, English, kinesiology, neurological concepts, orthopedics, pathology, pediatrics, psychology, physical therapy techniques, and physiology.  Clinical experience, which includes many hands-on opportunities for students, is also a required part of all PTA educational training programs.  At the completion of a physical therapy assistant education, most students are issued an associate’s degree. 

Potential physical therapy assistants in Florida must pass an accredited education program before they can take the National Physical Therapy examination. There are a variety of Florida physical therapy assistant schools.

Continuing Education Requirements for Florida Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapists assistant licenses in Florida should be renewed biennially, during the odd years.  Current PTA licenses will expire on November 30, 2011.  The renewal fee for active license holders is $135.  Renewal applications may take two to three weeks to process.  Physical therapy assistants can not practice in Florida without an active license. 

Florida PTAs must also complete 24 continuing education hours every two years.  Below are the continuing education stipulations set by the state:

  • Two hours of prevention of medical errors education are required, but up to three may be included in the overall 24 required hours. 
  • HIV/AIDS course is required for your first renewal. After that, up to three hours in HIV/AIDS may be included in your 24 hours. 
  • Up to twelve hours may be completed through home study and/or online courses. 
  • No more than five contact hours of courses in risk management will be accepted during each renewal cycle. 

For a complete list of approved continuing education courses contact the Florida Physical Therapy Association – www.fpta.org. 

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Physical Therapy Assistants in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including Baptist Medical Center, Florida Hospital Orlando, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Memorial Regional Hospital.
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