Respiratory Therapist Salary in Florida - FL

Respiratory Therapist Salary in Florida - FL

Statewide, the average Florida respiratory therapist salary is $52,000 with the average rising with advanced degrees and certification. For example, a respiratory therapist who specializes in neonatal respiratory therapy can make as much as $64,000. On the opposite end of the spectrum, respiratory technicians may see salaries more in the range of $30,000 to $35,000 to start.

According to, salaries for respiratory therapists in the major cities of Florida are as follows:

Boca Raton - $50,000
Cape Canaveral - $51,000
Cocoa Beach - $51,000
Daytona - $48,000
Ft. Lauderdale - $51,000
Gainesville - $52,000
Jacksonville - $9,000
Key West - $50,000
Miami - $52,000
Naples - $49,000
Orlando - $47,000
Pensacola - $45,000
Saint Augustine - $48,000
Tallahassee - $49,000
Tampa - $48,000
West Palm - $48,000

  • Pediatric or neonatal respiratory therapist
  • Geriatric respiratory therapist
  • Sleep disorder specialists

Florida Respiratory Therapy Associations

The Florida Society of Respiratory Care ( is the professional association that serves as an advocate for and a network of respiratory therapists in the state. This active organization provides members with updates on medical and legislative issues, opportunities for continuing education, employment information, and access to resources, and venues to connect with fellow respiratory therapists.

Another excellent resource for respiratory therapists and aspiring RTs is the American Association for Respiratory Care ( This site is a bit more sophisticated than its Florida based counterpart and provides members access to international news as well as more in-depth analysis of public affairs and medical issues that will affect the respiratory therapy field as a whole. This site offers respiratory therapists a more global perspective on issues affecting their profession and their patients while the Florida association offers more practical knowledge for members.

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