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Nursing schools in Florida

Through obtaining an associate’s degree in a nursing program offered by one of Florida’s RN schools or online courses you learn how to provide safe, patient care in many different settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home settings, and any other type of health care facility.  Graduates from this type of program will be awarded with an associate in science degree with an emphasis in nursing, which allows eligibility to apply and take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). 

Career Paths for Registered Nurses

To start a military career in nursing, a registered nurse is assigned to patients to care for at a clinical service ward at either a medical center or a hospital.  Their job is to give patient care and give direction to medical and nursing technicians when providing routine patient care.

Usually after four years of experience a registered nurse can become a charge nurse who is responsible for a hospital ward.  They would be in charge of assigning staff nurses to each patient, consulting with their coordinators when any problems occur, managing any out of the ordinary patient needs, and would be involved with training programs. 

After working for nine to eleven years, the role of patient care coordinator becomes a possible job occupation.  These coordinators manage the nursing services in a hospital ward or within a clinic.  Their job is to put together a shift schedule for the nurses and assist doctors with medical rounds as well as keep track of the adequacy of care being given to patients, helping with placing orders for supplies, and making sure medical records are being maintained. 

After fifteen to eighteen years of experience, becoming a director of nursing care is a job occupation perspective.  A director of nursing care tends to plan all of the nursing services that are provided at their clinic or hospital.  They would be advising their staff and administration on the nursing services they would be providing as well as directing orientation and training programs.

A majority of registered nurses obtain a job within hospitals as staff nurses that are given an assignment in the operating room, maternity unit, intensive care unit, emergency room, pediatric unit, general care floors, or psychiatric unit.  Most registered nurses work an average of twelve hours each shift that corresponds to an increase in the number of days off each week.  Nurses that work in a physician’s office assist with patient examinations, teaching patients as needed, and assisting with other nursing duties. 

Registered nurses have an opportunity to work within a public health department, schools, retirement homes, community clinics, or home health care.  On average they work forty hours a week and may be put on call to work nights, weekends, or holidays from time to time mostly on a volunteer basis. 

RN in the military

Nurses play a vital role on a military staff at their hospitals and clinics in order to help physicians treat their patients.  Registered nurses are the ones in charge of giving the nursing staff direction and caring for patients in order to help them recover from any type of injury or illness. 

In order to be a registered nurse within the military it is helpful to have the passion to assist others, and the ability to be confident in your decisions.  Also, staying calm when put in difficult situations as well as being able to clearly express your thoughts and ideas will assist in the ability to perform the job accurately.

Most registered nurses hold jobs within clinics and hospitals, while others work in sick bays on ships as well as in mobile field hospitals.  Some others work on airplanes that are assigned to transfer injured persons to medical centers. 

To become a nurse within the military one must have a bachelor or masters degree in nursing from an accredited program that leaves you with a BSN, which includes any within the state of Florida.  Joining your school’s ROTC program would be helpful seeing that it would get you prepared for working within the military setting.  Next you would obtain your RN license and then apply for a military nursing commission.  Training for this type of job once accepted into the military (Army, Air Force or Navy) is accomplished through taking classes through the military and the length of training depends on the type of specialty you choose to take on.  The following is the content that courses typically include:

  • Practices and principles of military nursing
  • Care of emotionally disturbed patients
  • Health care for children
  • Nursing techniques
  • Anesthesia, respiratory therapy, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Florida Registered Nurse Association

Florida Nurses Association:  promotes delivery of healthcare and nursing applied through the development of research, education, and practice.  Every year funds are made available for registered nurses along with students for scholarship opportunities along with research grant opportunities.   The Florida Nurses Association is a component of the American Nurses Association. 

Through campus or online programs, aspiring Registered Nurses in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Baptist Medical Center, Memorial Regional Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, University Hospital and Medical Center and Broward General Medical Center.

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