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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Georgia - GA

Based on information released by the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’ll see demand for cardiac sonographers grow almost 25% over the next decade. This is an unheard of rate of job growth, and it is predicted that it will be some time before there are enough trained individuals to meet it.  This means if you act now you’ll have your pick of cardiac sonography jobs in Georgia.

Though salary figures for Georgian cardiac sonographers aren’t the best in the nation, given the state’s lower cost-of-living, they come out to be quite competitive.

An average cardiac sonographer salary in Georgia is typically $73,500, according to, and this much in Georgia’s largest cities:

  • Atlanta - $72,000
  • Augusta - $71,000
  • Columbus - $62,000
  • Savannah - $61,000

The cardiac sonographers in Georgia that make the most are usually employed in cardiologists offices that are turning a healthy profit, or in supervisory positions in large-scale care centers like the Atlanta Medical Center, or the Grady Memorial Hospital.

The salaries for traveling and contract cardiac sonographers in Georgia can range widely, depending on how much demand there is. These mobile cardiac sonographers are well compensated for the fact that they have to travel constantly, and typically make better wages per hour, but if they’re not consistently working they may find they still come out making about what they would at a hospital.