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Dialysis Technician Salaries in Georgia - GA

The dialysis technician salary in Georgia is $38,000, which is slightly higher than the national average of $36,000. However, location, experience level, and specialization are all pertinent aspects of a starting salary and the potential for career advancement. As an entry-level dialysis technician, you may only be at the beginning of your career, but you will still be able to enjoy fair pay and a nice benefits package. Furthermore, as you continue to gain knowledge and experience, you will be able to determine ways in which you can advance both your career and your annual income.

Specialization is another important aspect that will affect your rate of pay. Some facilities deal specifically in hemodialysis, while others cater to patients of both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Regardless of which type of dialysis you choose to work in, it will be a great advantage to you to be well versed in both specialties, as many clinics like to hire employees that can be flexible to the needs of their patients. Being open-minded about working with both types of dialysis will most definitely give you the edge on employment and salary in Georgia.

Naturally, different geographical locations have different rates of pay. So, the area in which you live can also greatly impact your annual salary figure. These figures below show the average salaries of dialysis technicians from various cities throughout Georgia:

  • Atlanta: $37,000
  • Athens: $31,000
  • Albany: $32,000
  • Augusta: $38,000
  • Columbus: $33,000
  • Macon: $29,000