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Cardiac Sonography Training in Georgia - GA

Currently, the most beneficial way to start off your cardiac sonographer training in Georgia is to attend a two-year, associate’s level cardiac sonography degree program.

An associate’s is not the only option, as there are shorter certification programs and bachelor’s level degrees available.  The latter will be a more significant career investment then most cardiac sonographers will need to make.

Specifically seek out a program accredited by the Commission of Accreditation on Allied Health Education Programs. This will ensure you can test for credentialing, should you make the decision to, and will hold your school to strict nationally recognized educational standards.

The first year of your curriculum will emphasize total mastery of both the ultrasound machine, the cardiac sonographer’s constant companion, and of the human vascular and circulatory systems; especially in how those systems relate to the heart. You’ll take classes like cardiac anatomy, echocardiography modality, and pathophysiology.

The end of your second year will generally include a lot of clinical practice. This means you’ll actually perform the duties of your job, from echocardiograms to bubble studies, under the supervision and direction of your educators, and trained medical staff. These will both prepare you for the job, and get you used to patient interaction, medical responsibilities and ethics, as well as good clinical practices.

After graduation, give some thought to becoming a credentialed cardiac sonographer. Many employers today only deal with sonographers in good standing or status with the CCI or the ARDMS, though the state of Georgia is not currently regulating this profession. Earning these credentials involves taking a general knowledge and clinical practice exam and passing it, as well as paying a nominal fee and satisfying certain continuing education requirements. It might be just the advantage you need, however, to land the cardiac sonography job of your choice in Georgia.

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