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Gerontology Degrees in Georgia - GA

Because gerontology is a term that encompasses a range of occupations, there are different types of programs, courses, and degrees that are available. Georgia is home to many high-quality educational institutions, most of which are likely to offer some foundational courses necessary to obtain a gerontology degree or a degree that enables a graduate to work in the field of gerontology. For example, many gerontologists in Georgia work in social service agencies, so a degree in social work or sociology may help provide a good background for these jobs.

Other gerontologists in Georgia have degrees in health services such as doctors and nurses with a strong focus, either educationally or experientially, on the elderly. A doctor, often referred to as a geriatrician, will work together with other experts in gerontology such as nurses, therapists, home care specialists, and support staff in order to deal with the various physical, psychological, and social problems that elderly people face.

Many degree programs in Georgia, whether in health sciences or social sciences, may provide opportunities for students to participate in an internship or residency program. In addition, other programs offer some of the basic courses in psychology, sociology, and other foundational classes online.

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