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Georgia Gerontologist Salaries - GA

Salaries for gerontologists in Georgia vary widely due to the broad range of services gerontologists provide and types of employers for which they work. The higher the educational investment, the higher the potential salary; therefore a doctor who specializes in geriatrics is likely to earn significantly more than a social worker employed by a county or city governmental agency. Likewise, a person with a PhD or master’s degree is likely to earn more than someone with an associate’s degree. Salaries also tend to be higher in larger cities and in more temperate areas where a larger population of elderly citizens reside.

The following salary information from represents the wide range of salaries that different occupations, educational background, and practical experiences afford. Regardless of the specific job, careers in gerontology will continue to be plentiful over the next five to ten years in Georgia as the population of the United States ages. Many kinds of specialists and services focusing on the elderly and their unique needs and challenges will be needed. These jobs will increase at a higher than average rate, which makes then excellent career choices for people who have an affinity for working with a mature population.

Atlanta:  $58,000 – $200,000
Augusta:  $58,000 – 198,000
Columbus:  $50,000 – 171,000
Savannah:  $50,000 – 170,000
Athens:  $48,000 – 165,000
Marietta:  $59,000 – 201,000
Macon:  $46,000 – 159,000
Johns Creek:  $59,000 – 201,000

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