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Long Term Care Career in Georgia - GA

As the baby boomers hit and cross over to age 65, the percentage of the population that is considered elderly is increasing. Along with this increase comes serious demand for long term care professionals and a wealth of job opportunities for those with formal training.  There are all sorts of long term care jobs in Georgia, depending on what aspect of this career you want to get into.  Long term care is administered by nursing aides, assistants, and general residency care staff. These individuals typically need to complete training programs ranging from a few weeks to a few months, as well as complete supervised internships.

A typical career choice for long term care givers in Georgia is nursing. Over a quarter of all registered nurses are employed in nursing homes and life care facilities, where they make about $78,000 yearly.

  • Atlanta - $77,000
  • Augusta - $75,000
  • Columbus - $68,000
  • Savannah - $66,000

Another career option to consider, if you’re looking to work in more of a business or management capacity, is nursing home administration. Master’s-level degree holders might oversee entire care facilities, or elderly wards at hospitals like the Atlanta Medical Center, or the WellStar Kennestone Hospital.

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