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Continuing Education Requirements/Licensure Renewal

There is no required continuing education simply to retain one's ability to work as a biller or coder but, like most careers, continued efforts to learn and achieve advanced degrees or certifications, will better prepare you for a more challenging position and the stronger you'll be to negotiate top dollar.

The AMBA does offer a voluntary certification called the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist. The exam is in 16 parts and billers have 45 days to take the test on-line. The exam costs $395 (which includes up to 2 "retakes") and they recommend purchasing the study materials for $199.  If you pass the exam, you receive a certification and then you must complete 15 hours of continuing education each year--50% of which must be undertaken through the AMBA. Extensive information on the education programming can be found here:

The AMBA believes that by offering this certification and encouraging more and more billers to take the exam, they are creating an industry-wide standard and ensuring that billers are current with their expertise.

Professional Associations

The governance and maintenance of educational standards for Gerogia medical billing and coding training institues are not overseen by a state association. Instead, Georgia billers (as in all states) are governed by the the American Medical Billing Association ( This national, comprehensive organization's mission is to help its members become educated and certified, to connect with other members, and to find careers in medical billing and coding. provides job boards and opportunities for networking, study materials and information about continuing education. Also, they make information available regarding online courses in specialty certifications such as chiropractic billing, risk management, and HIPAA compliance.

Annual membership is $199.

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