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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Georgia - GA

If you have considered pursuing a career in medical transcription, then you have probably been trying to figure out how much money you can expect to make. Well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the typical medical transcription salary in Georgia is roughly $31,550 per year, an hourly pay rate of $15.17. More importantly; however, is the fact that medical transcriptionists with just a few years of experience are making significantly more. The highest reported annual salary for this profession during 2009 was $41,360, which was an average of 24% more than the statewide estimated average.

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, more commonly known as the AHDI, recognizes three different medical transcription levels. Level 1 defines recent graduates who require on-the-job training. Level 2 identifies MTs with about 2 years of experience who don’t require much training but may need help with more complex medical specialties. Level 3 identifies the most experienced of the profession. It is important to recognize that pay rates are different at each of these levels; but by continuing on with your career in medical transcription, it won’t be long before you reach the top and start earning top dollar.

One of the ways that you can help get yourself to the top is by increasing your productivity. Keep in mind that the majority of medical transcriptionists in Georgia are paid by line of transcription, so it is paramount to find ways of increasing your speed while maintaining your level of accuracy. Increasing your typing speed just 50 lines per hour could add an additional $4 to your hourly wage, which would make a big difference at the end of a week.

Medical transcriptionist earnings in Georgia:

  • Atlanta: $34,100
  • Augusta: $30,130
  • Columbus: $29,670
  • Savannah: $34,100

Salary figures have been provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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