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Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Georgia - GA

Georgia Medical Transcription Training Programs

Georgia tantalizes visitors and residents alike with pristine beaches along its coast, scenic hiking trails, refreshing scenery in the north Georgia mountains as well as lakes, wildlife refuges, fresh water and salt water fishing, a great state park system, year-round golf and whitewater rafting. In addition to historic towns, Georgia has adventure, charm, beauty and hospitality in such quantity that many find it a difficult place to leave.

As the population in Georgia increases and ages, medical transcriptionists in Georgia are experiencing unprecedented demand that is expected to continue well into 2012 and beyond. Those working in medical transcription enjoy an in-demand medical career offering work environments ranging from a busy hospital to their own home computers. Physicians and other health care professionals dictate their reports, correspondence, and other documents, then forward it to a reliable and efficient medical transcriptionist.

Required skills for a medical transcription career include fast and accurate audio typing; knowledge of grammar and punctuation; understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, treatment assessments, and the legal and ethical issues surrounding medical reports; good listening skills; and the ability to edit for clarity, mistakes, and inconsistencies. A significant number of medical transcriptionists in Georgia live and work near Brunswick, Rome, and Macon, although Atlanta, Macon and Savannah are the areas having the most jobs. Georgia metro areas with the highest median salaries for medical transcriptionists are Savannah, Gainesville, and Atlanta.

Steps to become a Medical Transcriptionist in Georgia

Training requirements for medical transcriptionists in Georgia vary, depending upon the employer. Most employers prefer to hire those who have some formal training or previous experience. Students often enter this field after completing a certification program, which usually lasts between one to two years. There are a variety of programs for medical transcription training in Georgia. This education is available at vocational schools, community colleges and universities in Georgia. Graduates of an Associate of Medical Transcription degree program in Georgia increase the probability that they will gain employment in the medical field. Completion of a two-year degree program is highly recommended by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, primarily because as most prospective employers prefer to hire medical transcriptionists who have received thorough training and education.

In Georgia, medical transcriptionists may elect to take advantage of certification available from the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). The association provides two levels of certification and each level may be attained by passing an examination. Registered Medical Transcriptionist Examination candidates include recent graduates from a medical transcription education program and/or medical transcriptionists with fewer than two years’ experience. Candidates more suitable for the Certified Medical Transcriptionist exam include those with two or more years of medical transcription experience.

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