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Georgia Healthcare Informatics Salary - GA

Once you have completed the educational process to become a nurse informatics professional you may wonder where exactly you will find a job. There are a myriad of places that nurse informatics professionals can work just depending on what exactly you hope to do with your education and own personal skill set. If, for example, you would like to be completely removed from any contact with patients then you would want to work in a research facility or a school setting. On the other hand, if you would like to see technology actually implemented, and used and possibly come in more contact with patients, then a better setting is likely to be a hospital or medical doctor’s clinic.

Nursing informatics professionals are specialists and pay for these individuals are health as a result. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics recently found the national average pay for nursing informatics professionals to be about $92,000 per year. The average Georgia nursing informatics salary is nearer $87,000 annually.

The following are the largest cities in Georgia and the most recent wage data for nurse informatics professionals in those areas.

Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                    $84,000
Augusta, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                  $81,000
Columbus, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                $77,000
Savannah, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                $73,000
Athens, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                     $75,000
Macon, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                      $66,000
Roswell, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                    $75,000
Sandy Springs, Georgia Nursing Informatics:        $84,000
Marietta, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                  $85,000
Albany, Georgia Nursing Informatics:                     $87,000

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