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Georgia Pharmacy Tech Certificate – GA

Steps to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Georgia

1.  Begin your search to find a community college, a vocational/trade school, or even an online school with the Georgia Pharmacy Technician certification program that fits the description of what you want to achieve.  These courses will enable you to pass the PTCB exam, and earn the credentials necessary to becoming a certified professional Pharmacy Technician.  You have the option of a 6-month to 1-year program, or you can opt for a 2-year associate’s degree that will be widely recognized by all the pharmacies in the state of Georgia.

2.  After successful completion of a certification program, you have to register for the PTCB exam.  In the state of Georgia, there are many different options for online study guides you can get access to via the internet that are absolutely essential in helping you prepare for the exam, and passing it.  Check online for this website to see all of the registration requirements:

3.  After you have passed the PTCB exam, your Pharmacy Technician Registration application will get processed in the order it was received, and you will become officially certified as a Pharmacy Technician in the state of Georgia.

Professional organizations related to becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Georgia:

Georgia Pharmacy Association (GPhA)

Mission Statement: The mission of the Georgia Pharmacy Association is to promote professionalism in the world of Pharmacy, and to help shape a better all around image in the public’s eye of Pharmacy practices in general.

The Georgia Pharmacy Association has been a tradition of leadership since 1875, providing memberships to all licensed Pharmacy Techs in the state of Georgia, and they also provide them with an Academy of Pharmacy Technicians.  The GPhA is working closely with the PTCB, and the GSHP (Georgia Society of Health System Pharmacists) in order to create a better-run pharmacy program in the state of Georgia. 

50 Lenox Pointe, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Phone: (404) 231-5074
Fax: (404) 237-8435
Toll Free: 888-871-5590

Georgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Mission Statement: Dedicated to helping their members become more efficient as practitioners.

The GSHP is a professional organization for Pharmacy Technicians that provides them a solid background, and foundation of knowledge for Pharmacy practice in general.  Being a member has its benefits, and is an extra strong point to have on a resume if you’re going to be a practicing Pharmacy Technician in the state of Georgia. 

3015 Shannon Lakes North
Suite 303
Tallahassee, FL 32309
Phone: 800-913-4747
Fax: (850) 893-1845

National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA)

The NPTA is one of the largest, and best organizations for a Pharmacy Technician.  Boasting thousands of members, the NPTA continues to provide programs for new evolving trends in the Pharmacy Technician industry, and keeps its members up on the latest breaking technology in their industry.  Having this on your resume will definitely be very beneficial, and help you stay current on your profession.   Visit them online at, 

P.O. BOX 683148
Houston, TX 77268
Phone: 888-247-8700
Fax: 888-247-8706

American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT)

Mission Statement:  The AAPT is a professional organization built on strong principals and morals, making safety the most important focus, and coming up with more efficient ways to run and manage a pharmacy now and in the future�?

The AAPT gives members necessary tools to help them become better and more professional, and it is highly recommended that you become affiliated with this professional organization.  Visit them online at,

P.O. BOX 1447
Greensboro, NC 27402
Phone: 336-333-9356
Toll Free: 877-368-4771

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