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Xray Tech Salary in Georgia – GA

The Georgia radiology tech salary is around 9% higher than the national average and several cities ranking in the top ten percent of salaries countrywide.  In general, the highest paying jobs are in the far south and the lowest paying jobs in the far northwest corner.  Macon, in the middle of the state, has the lowest average salary of those listed below.

Georgia also has a strong market for radiology technologists, indicating growth and increased job prospects in the future.  There are many opportunities to specialize and advance as a radiology technologist in Georgia, which offers the ability to have your salary grow.  Georgia also does not require state licensure on top of ARRT certification, making it quicker, easier, and more cost effective to become a radiology technologist than in most other states.

The following are average Georgia radiology tech salary by major city in Georgia.

Georgia Radiology Tech:  $58,300.00
Albany Radiology Tech:  $70,000.00
Athens Radiology Tech:  $56,000.00
Atlanta Radiology Tech:  $63,000.00
Augusta Radiology Tech:  $61,000.00
Brunswick Radiology Tech:  $69,000.00
Clayton Radiology Tech: $58,000.00
Columbus Radiology Tech:  $57,000.00
Dalton Radiology Tech:  $51,000.00
Dublin Radiology Tech:  $57,000.00
Lenox Radiology Tech:  $70,000.00
Macon Radiology Tech:  $49,000.00
Savannah Radiology Tech:  $55,000.00
Trenton Radiology Tech:  $52,000.00

Georgia Radiology Tech Continuing Education

At this time, there are no continuing education requirements for radiology technicians in Georgia.  However, in order to advance in position and salary, additional classes and training are needed to further specialize within the radiology technology field.  GSRT will announce any continuing education opportunities on its website.