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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Georgia - GA

If you are looking to be a radiology technologist, Georgia is one of the better states to consider.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a higher than average salary as well as a low unemployment rate.  In some cases you will be able to apply for a radiology technician job straight out of high school and earn your degree while working in a professional environment, gaining experience that is important on a résumé.  Forty states currently require licensure to be a radiology technologist, but Georgia is one of the ten that do not require licensure before practicing radiological technologist’s functions.  Getting that early experience can be the difference in salaries for years to come.  Getting early experience will help open doors as you progress in your career.

How to Become a Radiology Tech in Georgia

While there are several sub-specialties within radiology technology, the entry-level position is that of a radiographer or, if you are entering the field of radiology technologist out of high school, a radiographer assistant’s position is a possibility.  Once you are a certified radiographer, you will be able to choose to stay in that field or to advance forward.  Since radiology technologists deal with a dangerous technology, the federal government has guidelines for all radiographers not under direct supervision of another radiographer.  The following steps are those that one needs to take if pursuing a radiographer’s position, not that of radiographer assistant.

  • Enroll in an approved Georgia radiology tech training program.
  • To secure certification, you must apply to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  To do this, you must submit an application to be scheduled to sit for the radiology technologist’s certification test in Georgia.  The fee for the application and test starts at $150.00 for an entry-level certification and goes up to $300.00 for more advanced certifications.  As this is a national registry, chances are you will pay this same fee – if not more – in any state you work as a radiology technologist, not just Georgia.  After completing the exam successfully, you will be a certified radiology technologist
  • Following these steps will have you well on your way to a career as a radiology technologist in Georgia.

Professional Organizations for Radiology Technologists in Georgia

  • Georgia Society of Radiologic Technologists (GSRT):  This member-based society welcomes all specialties of radiologic technology, from radiographers to radiation therapy professionals.  The society, founded in 1950, focuses its energies on forwarding the professionalism of radiology technicians.  GSRT does this through paving the way for advancement of its members status in the medical community by aiding in forwarding understanding radiology technology throughout all health care professionals, providing training and access to state-of-the-art technology to train on, creating and maintaining high levels of professional standards, and protecting the patient from unnecessary exposure to radiation by addressing the quality of overall care to the patient.  GSRT provides support to radiology technicians by way of education, fellowship, and legislation.  GSRT has a strict non-partisan policy such that no member will feel alienated based on their political beliefs. 

    Georgia Society of Radologic Technologists
    PO Box 767369
    Roswell, GA 30076
    Telephone: 770-475-5216
    Fax:  770-475-5618

  • American Registry of Radiological Technicians (ARRT):  This organization needs to be joined in order to receive certification within the realm of radiology technology regardless of your chosen specialty.  In addition, membership to a national professional organization serves as proof of involvement and interest in the advancement of the radiology technology field, a noted plus for any employer.