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How to Become an RN in Georgia

One can become a registered nurse in Georgia through three different methods:

  1. Via passing an exam.
  2. Via endorsement.
  3. Via reinstatement of a license as a registered nurse that was previously issued in Georgia.

The first two options – examination and endorsement – are the same in some ways. Both options make it necessary for the applicant to have graduated from a program that has been approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing, and in both cases, the applicant must have successfully completed an exam known as the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, or NCLEX-RN.

    Graduates of one of the accredited online schools or Georgia RN programs who would like to become licensed in the state of Georgia for the first time must pass the exam. On the other hand, applicants who are or were licensed as a registered nurse in another state are eligible to apply for licensure in Georgia via endorsement. The option to be licensed via reinstatement is designed for nursing professionals who had previously been registered nurses in Georgia but have an expired license.
    Here are the steps for becoming a registered nurse in Georgia in greater detail:

  1. Receive a degree from a nursing education program that has been approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing, and pass the NCLEX-RN. (Those who wish to become a registered nurse via examination or endorsement must complete this step.)
  2. Apply for a License by Examination to the Georgia Board of Nursing. This is a license via exam for recent nursing program graduates who are applying for their first license as a registered nurse. This will serve as acknowledgment that they have successfully completed their required nursing training, as it will show that they have the ability to pass a grueling exam at the national level.
  3. Apply for a License by Endorsement to the Georgia Board of Nursing. This method of becoming a registered nurse is for nurses in the United States who previously lived outside of Georgia and obtained a registered nursing license in another state. A registered nurse who currently holds a license as a registered nurse outside of Georgia may apply for a License by Endorsement as a method of transferring his or her nursing license to Georgia. This is on the condition that the applicant has:
      1. Completed his or her education requirements.
      2. Passed the national boards.
      3. Been granted a license for nursing in another state.
  4. The applicant must offer proof that he or she has been licensed within a state with which Georgia has reciprocity for licensing, along with any other evidence that the Georgia Board of Nursing deems as necessary to ensure the credibility of the applicant.
  5. Applicants can also apply for a License by Reinstatement to the Georgia Board of Nursing. This option for application is available to an applicant who was previously a Professional Registered Nurse and has seen his or her license expire. Every reinstatement case is evaluated with a great deal of scrutiny to make certain that the expiration of the license was for a reason other than professional misconduct, and to make sure that the applicant can carry out the professional duties that will be required of him or her without doing harm to patients. The Board will also need to see proof that the applicant has been previously licensed in Georgia. Other forms of documentation may be required by the Board for proof of competency.
  6. Regardless of the application method, all registered nurse applicants must pass a background check and pay any fees as required by the Board. A criminal background check will be conducted, but please note that a criminal record will not necessarily prevent an applicant from being approved.
Note: The Georgia Board of Nursing convenes every month for two days. Applications that were not considered during those two days will be reconsidered at the Board’s next scheduled meeting.
Go to to apply for a license as a registered nurse in Georgia.
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