Ultrasound Tech Salary in Georgia - GA

If you live in Georgia and are contemplating becoming an ultrasound technician, commonly referred to as a sonographer, there’s good news and there’s great news. The good news is that sonographers get paid well – an average of $70,000 per year across the nation. The great news is that the average Georgia ultrasound technician salary is an average of nine percent more than the national average: $76,000 annually.

The following are the average sonography salaries in Georgia’s ten most populated cities:

Albany, Georgia Ultrasound Technician: $77,000
Athens Ultrasound Technician: $66,000
Atlanta Ultrasound Technician: $74,000
Augusta Ultrasound Technician: $71,000
Columbus Ultrasound Technician: $67,000
Dalton Ultrasound Technician: $61,000
Gainesville Ultrasound Technician: $59,000
Macon Ultrasound Technician: $58,000
Savannah Ultrasound Technician: $64,000
Warner Robins Ultrasound Technician: $58,000


Georgia Sonographer Continuing Education

While some states and individual medical organizations have continuing education requirements, there are no such requirements in Georgia at this time.

Ultrasound Technologist Schools

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