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Sonographer Training in Georgia - GA

Ultrasound techs, commonly called sonographers, are paid very well. There is a lot more involved in this field than just getting images of a fetus on a computer monitor. Many sonographers in Georgia are trusted to use special equipment to obtain sound waves of high frequencies from many human body parts. These waves lead to photographed, videotaped, and transmitted images that physicians use to diagnose patients.

Here are some other functions of sonographers:

  • Recording relevant patient medical history.
  • Learning how to handle and operate sonography equipment properly.
  • Looking over sonographic images to determine the best images to have the doctor review.
  • Keeping and storing patients’ records.
  • Keeping equipment in good working condition and making repairs when applicable.
  • Reviewing sonography procedures with patients.
  • Letting patients know how they can speed along the sonography imaging process.
  • Making decisions about the purchase of equipment.
  • Creating work schedules for fellow sonographers.
  • Managing various imaging departments.

There are man subfields that sonographers may enter, including abdominal sonography, neurosonography, ophthalmic sonography, and gynecologic and obstetric sonography. In Georgia, ultrasound technician training can be broadly focused or specific to one of these specialty fields.

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