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Gerontology Degrees in Hawaii - HI

Gerontology is the study of the psychological, social and biological aspects of ageing.  It encompasses a wide range of possible occupations and educational paths.  There is a large population of retirees in Hawaii creating many opportunities for study and employment under the umbrella of Gerontology. 

A gerontology degree in Hawaii can fall within many different categories.  The first step in deciding on an educational outline for entering the field of Gerontology is to determine which aspect of the field you are best suited for.  The psychological aspect of ageing would involve working as a psychologist or counselor to assist people in the adaptations necessary to face the challenges of growing older and more dependent on others.  The social part of the field could be filled by becoming a social worker and guiding elderly people through the maze of the social impacts on their life as they age.  Another option to work with the social impacts of ageing in Hawaii could be to study the impacts of this ever-increasing elderly population on society as a whole.  The biological impacts of ageing are a very interesting aspect to ageing and an individual interested in this aspect of ageing would specialize in biogerontology.

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