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Hawaii Healthcare Administration Salaries - HI

Not only does Hawaii have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but healthcare administrators in Hawaii also earn an enticing annual income of roughly $64,000. Healthcare management professionals in Hawaii are the key aspects that hold any medical facility together. Without them, there would be disorganization and compromised quality in patient care.

There is no doubt that several factors are contributing to more citizens in Hawaii seeking healthcare. In fact, a study done is 2008 revealed some interesting information. Approximately 0.9% more people were enrolled in the Medicaid program and an additional 1.6% of citizens were enrolled in other government health plans, such as with the VA. Collaboratively these figures equate to an additional 2.5% of the population in Hawaii being eligible for healthcare services. These figures help to indicate the steady need for medical care in Hawaii, as well as the consistent need for healthcare administrators.

As you know, there are several different working environments that healthcare administration/management professionals in Hawaii can find themselves employed in. A study by the BLS recognized that the most average salaries were found in private physicians’ offices, with the higher-paying salaries found in general hospitals.

To give you an idea of how geographic location can impact salary, below you will find information on the average healthcare administration salary in Hawaii per city:

  • Honolulu: $59,000
  • Kailua: $59,000
  • Hilo: $57,000