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Hawaii Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Medical Technician Education in Hawaii

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that generally a bachelor’s degree is needed to obtain the position of medical technician.  Associates degrees or certificates are also common and training while working in the field can allow someone to enter employment in the field.  The BLS reports that coursework for a medical technician involves studies in the sciences.

Continuing Education Requirements/Licensure Renewal for Medical Technicians in Hawaii

Licenses are renewed only in odd numbered years, so every two years.  The renewal fee is $30.00.  There is no mention on the website on continuing education requirements for renewal.  One can contact the State Laboratories Division at  (808) 453-6653 to find out any changes.

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) states that there are no continuing education requirements for medical technicians in Hawaii.  See http://www.ascls.org/jobs/grads/personnellicensure.pdf.  The ASCLS-Hawaii, the state organization for medical technicians, mentions using the P.A.C.E. system, or  Professional Acknowledgement for Continuing Education for continued education.  See the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science at their website, http://www.ascls.org/leadership/pace/.

Hawaii State Organizations for Medical Technicians

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS)-Hawaii is the state organization for medical technicians.  Benefits in joining the organization involve educational opportunities, networking, and workshops. 
Their website is at:  http://www.hawaii.edu/medtech/HSCLS/hscls.html.

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