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Medical Technologist Salaries in Hawaii

Medical Technologist Salary in Hawaii

According to the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, there are approximately 630 medical technologists currently employed in the state of Hawaii. By 2016 this figure is expected to rise to at least 770 and continue to rise in response to current industry employment trends. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that medical technologists nationwide will experience a 12% employment growth rate between 2008 and 2018. This growth rate will continue to open up new job positions locally, and may even impact medical technologist salaries in Hawaii by encouraging a competitive wage market.

Presently the average annual salary for medical technologists practicing in Hawaii is $49,000. However, individual salary earning potentials are largely determined by the level of formal education, amount of previous work experience, state licensure status, national certification, and geographical location of employment. The largest employers of medical technologists in Hawaii are ambulatory health care services, which hire around 67% of the professionals in this field. Hospitals and administrative and support services tend to hire the remaining percentage. Even though job seekers typically search for positions in larger cities where high populations rely more heavily on health care workers, like medical technologists, these same area do not always yield higher annual salaries. Here are the average annual salaries for medical technologists in the five biggest cities in Hawaii:

Honolulu:  $45,000/yr
Hilo:  $47,000/yr
Kailua:  $45,000/yr
Kaneohe:  $45,000/yr
Waipahu:  $45,000/yr

*Annual salary statistics provided courtesy of indeed.com