Midwife Salary in Hawaii - HI

Midwife Salary in Hawaii - HI

Hawaii Midwife Salaries

Midwives’ salaries in Hawaii vary based on education, experience, geographic area, and the type of facility for which they work. In general, the majority of midwives work in urban areas at hospitals or medical centers. Others may work for physicians, government agencies, or for themselves in their own practice. An average annual salary for certified nurse-midwives in the United States falls in the range of $80,000-90,000. Because certified nurse-midwives have extensive education (many midwifery education programs require that students be RNs and have a bachelor’s degree prior to admission), their salary tends to be higher than that of non-specialty nurses.

Certified nurse-midwives do not earn the same wages as physicians, however they are acknowledged as primary care providers in the Hawaiian state health program. They also have admitting privileges for most hospitals and those with master’s degrees have prescription-writing authority. Typically certified nurse-midwives follow their career path because they have a passion for caring for and treating women, especially during their childbearing years (although nurse-midwives can serve as primary care providers throughout a woman’s lifespan).

According to Indeed.com, these Hawaiian cities have the following average annual wages:

Honolulu (Oahu):  $74,000
Lahaina (Maui):  $76,000
Kailua-Kona (Hawaii):  $71,000
Hilo (Hawaii):  $66,000
Kaneohe (Oahu):  $74,000
Pearl City (Oahu):  $74,000
Lihue (Kauai):  $74,000
Kahului (Maui):  $75,000

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