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Midwifery School in Hawaii - HI

Although there are no midwifery schools in Hawaii, there are several options for students who wish to pursue a career as a midwife. Midwifery programs require either a bachelor’s degree or a degree in nursing for admission to the program. Several universities and colleges in Hawaii offer nursing programs, so completing this education in the state would be helpful before going on to obtain further education in midwifery. For those nurses who want to become midwives but do not yet have a bachelor’s degree, these same institutions provide ample opportunity to obtain a degree. In either case, as well as for those who are ready to pursue a degree in midwifery, online courses and programs are available which allow students to fit their academic requirements to their particular situation.

Once accepted into a midwifery program, a student can expect to study topics in general health care; advanced nursing care topics such as physiology, drug therapy, and health assessment; and specific courses on the topic of midwifery such as primary care of women, nurse-midwifery with the neonate, and prenatal care of women. In addition, students will take part in practicum that gives them real-life experience under the supervision of a licensed nurse-midwife.
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