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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Hawaii - HI

Are there any nuclear medicine technologist schools in Hawaii for you to attend?  Glad you asked.  Since campus based programs are few and far between on the Hawaiian Islands, you will likely find distance learning programs worth considering.  Though the academic component of your training may be online, hospitals in Hawaii working in partnership with online schools provide the forum for hands on clinical training, where you will get the benefit of face-to-face interaction.  If you do not live near a community college or university in Hawaii that offers nuclear medicine technologist training, consider enrolling in a nuclear medicine training course online.

There are a wide variety of online colleges and training programs that can serve you.  When considering an online program, contact the base campus to ask questions, as you will want to know how they set up the clinical training portion of the program.

What will the educational program consist of?  A large number of the courses will focus on anatomy, biology, mathematics, human physiology, and vocabulary.  After this, the courses will switch gears and concentrate on safe handling of radioactive and nuclear materials.  Lastly, the clinical experience will place you in a hospital or clinic with a highly trained, experienced supervisor, who will teach you the tricks of the trade.  You will be carefully monitored as you learn to utilize radiopharmaceuticals to gain information.  Once the training is completed, you will have an Associates Degree or even a Bachelor’s Degree in nuclear medicine allowing you to practice in one of Hawaii’s fine hospitals or specialty clinics.

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