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Hawaii Healthcare Informatics Salary - HI

You will find many rewards as a nursing informatics professional in Hawaii. For one thing, although these professionals do not often work directly with patients, you will see the technology implementation benefiting patients and the nursing staff as well. If you work in a research facility or within a school setting it may be harder to see the impact of your work directly, but you can gain satisfaction knowing that the work is important and does indeed help all persons in the medical community. Another employment setting where nursing informatics professionals work is within a governmental agency outreach program. Your job could include educating the public and the medical community on the vital importance of the transition into better technology and how the upgrades impact patients and the other members of the medical community. There is much satisfaction to be found in a career in nurse informatics, no matter what pathway you choose. Along with the benefit of helping people, nurse informatics professionals are also well compensated.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that specialist in nursing, such as nursing informatics professionals can make about $90,000 annually. The average Hawaii nursing informatics salary is about $70,000.

The following lists the largest cities in Hawaii’s islands and the current expected salary for nursing informatics professionals.

Hilo Nursing Informatics:                 $66,000
Honolulu Nursing Informatics:        $65,000
Kahului Nursing Informatics:          $63,000
Pearl City Nursing Informatics:       $61,000


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