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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Hawaii - HI

Salaries for Personal Trainers in Hawaii

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the average salary in the state of Hawaii is $28,700.  Other sources show significantly different average salaries in the state.  For example, indeed.com reports that the average salary for a certified personal trainer in Hawaii Is $43,000, while others, such as salary.com report the average salary for a certified personal trainer in Hawaii is even higher. 

The average salary for personal trainers is:

Hawaii Personal Trainer Salary: $28,700
Honolulu, Hawaii Personal Trainer Salary: $40,000
Kauai, Hawaii Personal Trainer Salary: $38,000
Maui, Hawaii Personal Trainer Salary: $41,000
Oahu, Hawaii Personal Trainer Salary: $41,000

A major consideration in salary for the profession of personal training is how one gets paid.  Because there are many different types of employment settings in which one may work, there are many different payment arrangements that one could make.  For example, a personal trainer may get paid a flat salary from his/her employer.  One may also be paid on an hourly basis.  Another arrangement may be that the personal trainer could be paid a given amount per client.  The per client arrangement becomes even more pronounced if the personal trainer is self-employed and either works out of his/her own facility, or travels to the client’s home.
In addition, the nature of the profession of personal training allows for more flexibility in hours than in many other professions.  The personal trainer can typically work either more or fewer hours, or can work hours that are early in the morning, later in the evening, weekdays, weekends, or more traditional hours.  The flexibility in hours is especially beneficial in an environment like Hawaii, where the flexibility allows one to pursue his/her own fitness and recreational goals.


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