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Hawaii Pharmacy Tech Certificate – HI

Typically pharmacy technicians work in community pharmacies, hospitals or home infusion pharmacies.  Pharmacy technician job duties consist of helping the licensed pharmacist provide healthcare products and medication to patients.

  • Most common pharmacy technician responsibilities are as follows:

    • Greet patients
    • Handle refill requests
    • Stock medications and healthcare products
    • Prepare medicine orders and count tablets
    • Maintain patient files
    • Prepare medication labels
    • Verify and receive prescriptions

    In Hawaii, pharmacy technicians are not required to have any sort of license, however; those that have completed Hawaii pharmacy technician certification programs increase their job opportunities immensely while at the same time, increase their rate of pay.

    Steps to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

    Those interested in becoming a pharmacy technician in the state of Hawaii must meet the following prerequisites:

    • GED or High School Diploma
    • Earn at least a “C�? or higher in English or placement reading score of 74 or higher
    • Earn at least a “C�? or higher in Math or placement math score of 25 or higher
    • Typing and keyboarding skills of at least 40 words per minute

    Students must also meet technical requirements as follows:

    • Must be able to pass an auditory test to ensure good hearing
    • Motor abilities that are needed to dispense medications in exact amounts
    • Ability to multi-task and handle large quantities of supplies
    • Ability to see shades of color and viscosity

    Students need to prepare for the costs associated with training in the modules for Hawaii as follows:

    • Pharmacy Practice Elements I $500
    • Pharmacy Practice Elements II $400
    • Pharmacy Practice Elements III $400
    • Pharmacy Technician Practicum $400
    • Pharmacy Practice Elements V $400

    Notes regarding costs:
    In regards to the first module, Pharmacy Practice Elements I does include your basic textbooks.  It is not necessary to pay for the entire class all at once but you will have to pay for each module before you begin.  There are some programs that may be able to assist you in payment of these courses such as military educational benefits or community based employment and training programs. 

    Other costs associated with these programs may include field trips, supplementary texts, handouts and other supplies that you may incur through training.  In addition, there is a $15 payment required from all students for liability insurance and is required before you begin your training. 

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