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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Hawaii - HI

After successfully completing a Hawaii radiology tech training program, candidates are then required to apply for and sit for a national certification examination.  The examination, governed by the ARRT, tests basic entry-level knowledge in the field of radiologic technology and confirms that an individual is fully qualified to practice.  Complete details, including the application process, can be found on the ARRT website ( 

Radiologic technologists in Hawaii are required to hold a state license in order to practice.  This process can begin once the educational components have been completed (regardless of the type of program that was selected) and the student has successfully completed the ARRT national certification examination.  The Hawaii State Radiologic Technology Board, a division of the Hawaii Department of Health ( is the agency responsible for collecting the applications and approving individuals for a Hawaii license.  An application, along with supporting information and the application fee of $60 is to be submitted to the Board for consideration.  Once you have completed this process, if you meet all the criteria, you will be issued a license and are then eligible to begin practicing as a radiologic technologist in Hawaii.  

Step by Step How to Become a Radiology Tech in Hawaii

  • Locate an educational program that offers either a certificate or an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology
  • Complete one of the above Hawaii radiology tech training programs (includes classroom education and clinical rotations)
  • Apply for and successfully complete the ARRT national certification examination
  • Apply for Hawaii state licensure as a radiologic technologist
  • Comply with the requirements as established by the ARRT and the state of Hawaii for ethics and continuing education
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